SPC Forest Products leverages our diverse member network to:

1. Engage in constructive and transparent dialogue across the forest products supply chain to highlight and address shared sustainability challenges

2. Develop tools that evaluate risks and protect ecosystems where sourcing occurs

3. Curate and disseminate guidance on a variety of topics relating to fiber based packaging.

Current Initiatives

Forests in Focus (FF)

Forests in Focus (FF)

A project of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition & the American Forest Foundation focused on assessing risk, identifying opportunities, and making an impact.

Past Initiatives

In early 2020, the Forest Products Working Group was renamed SPC Forest Products. This update better reflects our alignment with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, its members, and its mission. Preceding this change, the Forest Products Working Group engaged in a number of initiatives, including: 

  • EPAT: Environmental Paper Assessment  I Tool (2006 – 2017); Now operated by the Sustainable Paper Group
  • The Fiber Life Cycle I Website (2016 –  2005)
  • Design Guide: Definition for Sustainable Paper I PDF (2013)
  • Forest Certification Matrix I PDF (2013 – 2010)